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DVC full time prospectus
DVC full time prospectus
DVC full time prospectus
DVC Advert

2010/11 campaign.

The challenge

To develop a campaignable idea that could be used across the full marketing mix and encourage prospective students to apply for a place at Dearne Valley College (DVC).

Our solution

The concept started with what we knew about our target audience. Teenagers love their sleep, and at 16-18 most will still live at home, so their bedroom is THEIR space. It offers privacy and is also the place where they can stamp their own individual style.The bedroom photography starts to create a connection through familiarity, and then by adding in the t-shirt with the line “Get up, get on” we start to focus on the ‘can do’ attitude a DVC student should have.

Services used
  • print
  • creative
  • mailing
  • cross media